stretch and grow

If you can get to $1 million you can get to $10 million if you can get to $10 million you can get to a hundred. This is my mentality. 

I believe if you have a goal and a solid strategy for meeting that goal, you can start planning for the next greater challenge.

I’ve had my hand in all kinds of ventures over my lifetime. I developed a strong work ethic from what was expected of me as a child; and I watched my mom, a strong woman raising two boys, become a college professor with no degree of her own. She was a solid role model for me.

I learned what it meant to “work” at a young age. Whether it was hauling hay, assisting in building our family home by hand, driving the farm tractor, or welding; I knew hard work and didn’t mind it at all. By the time I finished high school I knew the kind of life I wanted. I didn’t have a path to college at the time so I developed a plan and took a job stacking bags on the midnight shift to pay for it.

By the age of 21, I had found my way into a top brokerage firm in the country while also taking college courses. I hustled 15 hours a day making 300-400 cold calls with the goal of opening 3 accounts a week. But then I started opening three accounts a day—what we liked to call “hat tricks”.


As an account opener my boss made a deal with me: If I could close 30 accounts in 30 days he’d give me a seat; I’d get to play with the big boys as a stock broker. He didn’t think it could be done, well I hit 30 in a week, and at the end of 30 days I’d closed 90 accounts. I knew then that I had the tenacity, natural sales skills and work ethic to write my own story. I knew I could set larger goals for myself than anyone else could set for me.

I was young and focused on physical fitness, I came across an article about how muscles grow. They grow by being stretched and then they expand to the stretch area. So I adopted a “stretch and grow” mentality for my life. I set goals for myself that were way out of my comfort zone; ones I knew would require tons of work. Then I visualized the first step towards the goal, always evaluating, reevaluating, trying new things, ditching strategies that didn’t work, etc. Step-by-step I’d grow into that place of initial discomfort. Once I was there, I’d set a new goal and get after it all over again. Being comfortable became my discomfort, if I was comfortable I had stopped growing.

Through this process I’ve learned that the best external assets I have as an entrepreneur are the relationships I nurture. I have a unique ability to visualize a concept, bring people together around it and then see it through to completion. I’ve found success in all types of ventures, from owning a sewing company, starting several restaurants, technology innovations, and residential and commercial real estate development.

I now spend most of my time on large scale commercial projects. I have discovered the “formula” for what it takes to make larger-than-life visions become realities. I love showing high net worth individuals who want to make money on their past successes without spending their current capital, what it takes and how we can reduce the risk while driving returns far beyond the stock market. This is the “formula” of the wealthiest in the world. My network of investors, financiers, and professional partners are all challenged to succeed. I work hard, I don’t know any other way, and I’m always working for the future. Towards the next vision. Towards the next million

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