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CASE STUDY | 101 Riverside

The River Parks area is the east bank of the Arkansas River and is considered the heart and soul of Tulsa.

With over 20 miles of cycling, walking and exercise trails, River Parks is the recreational hub of Tulsa. River Parks connects with an additional trail system at the 101st location with access to another 100 plus miles of trails, extending to surrounding communities.

101 Riverside will become the southern destination for the trail system. The River Rose building will also be the only office space available on the east edge of the river in Tulsa with outside patio space overlooking the river.


The profit or success of any building project is made up front in the planning, land purchase, professional services contracts, and management of the project during construction.

As an owner’s representative and construction consultant our expertise and experience will ensure that your project starts on a solid foundation and is built with all professionals being held accountable and given the timely information they need to succeed.

As your representative we offer you the analysis and opinions you need

Steve will enable you to make the best decisions and to have confidence that your project will be done on time and under budget.

1: Pre-Construction and Start-Up Phases

  • Develop owner’s project goals 
  • Conduct site analysis and review of options
  • Review zoning approval and attend planning meetings
  • Conduct Soil test and surveys
  • Develop project budget and schedule
  • Develop a financing plan
  • Evaluate the project delivery method 
  • Review all contracts
  • Develop and distribute RFP/RFQ documents
  • Select architect and design professional
  • Select construction management
  • Set general conditions costs
  • Negotiate all contracts
  • Attend all public and private meetings

2: Management Process Development

  • Identify owner expectations
  • Set communication process that meets owner expectation
  • Identify communication contacts
  • Identify decision making process
  • Set meeting schedules
  • Set reporting standards

3: Design Phase

  • Design schedule development and review
  • Verification of design documents
  • Analysis of specifications book
  • Construction verification reviews with the contractor
  • Oversee permitting 
  • Three-point contractor cost reviews
  • Deliver final project budget
  • Recommend alternatives to budget issues

4: Construction

  • Analysis of bid package
  • Verification of insurance and bonds
  • Bid analysis and review
  • Guaranteed maximum price or contract review
  • Final GMP price oversight
  • Set and verification of project schedule
  • Strict oversight of project budget
  • Attend owner architect contractor meetings
  • Maintain inspection schedule
  • Monthly billing review and signoff 
  • Analyze and report any change orders 
  • Final walkthrough and punch list management
  • Commissioning

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