“Bedroom community”, an old-fashioned term, typically suggests that its residents sleep in these neighborhoods, but commute to a larger city nearby to work.  Home buyers often choose bedroom communities because of the affordability of housing in comparison to living closer to, or inside of, the larger city limits.

Many families want to raise their children in a smaller community because of the lower crime rates, less traffic, and good schools with smaller class sizes. Also, it is often easier to become involved in the community, civic and political activities in a small town.  The drawback is that as a rule, these suburbs support only a small amount of retail, commercial or industrial business.  An exception to this rule is the bedroom community of Broken Arrow, OK.

Visionary leadership focused on the development of Broken Arrow Real Estate and helped position the city as a dynamic, highly educated and economically sustainable place to live.  The BA Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organization in BA with over 800 members working to maintain a high quality of life and create an environment where business innovation, excellence, and entrepreneurship can thrive.

As the fourth largest city in OK, and the second fastest-growing city in the state, Broken Arrow Real Estate is highly sought-after. Broken Arrow is the perfect place in which to live, work, shop, eat and play. Currently, over 109,000 people live in this vibrant community, with a median age of 36.

Founded in 1902, early civic leaders recognized the need to beautify the city’s original landscape, planting trees, flowers and rose bushes, resulting in the nickname “City of Roses”.

Today the civic leaders are once again transforming the landscape by sponsoring a $4 million makeover, reviving the historic downtown area known as the “Rose District”.  Pedestrian-friendly with fewer traffic lanes, wider sidewalks and mid-block crossing are just a few of the updates to the main business area. In addition, an $18 million dollar, four-story, mixed-use development is being planned. “Every piece of Broken Arrow Real Estate inside the Rose District is fully leased,” says Steve Easley, director of development for Cowen & Milestone. “You drive down the street, and people are doing yoga; they are running. It’s a young, vibrant community that is just taking off.”

When John Woolman, past president and CEO of McGraw REALTORS saw the movement toward creating an urban feel in Broken Arrow’s Rose District, he knew he wanted McGraw to be part of that movement. Woolman and Joe McGraw purchased the old 1978 Ledger building on Main Street for the company’s BA office. A complete makeover of the building ensued and it now it looks as if it could be one of the original red brick structures in the old main business district.  “We are committed to being a good corporate citizen and strive to be part of the community in which we serve,” Woolman says. “The Rose District demonstrates how a community can grow and not lose its ‘Heart’,’’ he adds.

The Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce recognizes local businesses and residents that actively take part in and contribute to the community with an annual awards banquet.   This year McGraw REALTORS has been nominated as Business Of The Year. It is an honor to be among the finalists in this highly recognized distinction.

Realtor Dawn Seing, from the BA office has been nominated for the Business of the Year Sole Proprietor Award. Dawn is an active member and volunteer at the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce. Keeping her finger on the pulse of economic development, school district information and political trends make her a community expert as well as a real estate expert. Dawn lives one block off Main Street in the Heart of the Rose District. Let Dawn drive you around as you shop for your new home. She will introduce and educate you on the thriving Broken Arrow Community and Broken Arrow Real Estate.

If you are considering a lifestyle change that includes moving to a more relaxed-paced locale, you might want to check out Broken Arrow Real Estate.  McGraw REALTORS is your Broken Arrow, home-town experts, offering you assistance with a home purchase or rental, commercial property lease or purchase, and more!